Residential Roofing Contractor

American Mastercraft specializes in residential roofing services you will find valuable and affordable. We understand the importance of roof maintenance and the use of the best quality materials to prevent ongoing roof complications. Whether you are planning a new home build or in need of lasting repairs; call on our expert roofers at American Mastercraft with a reputation of Excellency in the construction industry, trust us with your roofing requirements.

Only Quality Materials Used in Your Roofing Project

As a certified building company, we invest in the best quality products and roof materials to perform enhancements and repairs you can trust. We understand the difficulties that a problematic roof can cause and the costs involved in replacements. Whether you simply need a minor repair or a complete renovation as part of a remodel project, call on our roofing services. With only the best roofers to rely on, you can rest assured your roof will remain intact and aesthetic.

Why American Mastercraft?


A leaking roof can become a major headache if left unattended. The slow drip leaves moisture to accumulate around the roofing structures, underlying beams and even the ceiling can suffer incredible damages. A tiny drip can turn into a major leak and should never be left unattended.

Call on us for a complete roof inspection. We tackle those roof leaks in no time and have our expert roofers assess the nature of the damage before any further steps are taken to conduct repairs. Once we have found the cause for the leak, our roofers will advise on the next course of action including a detailed quotation.

If you contact us for your roofing project, a qualified inspector and estimator will come to your home and inspect your roof at no cost. The proper scope of the work for the project will be precisely calculated using the latest technology, and the costs and we make sure the time needed for completion will be extremely accurate as well. You can rest assured that our company is capable to complete your roof project, small or big, as promised.


We strive for 100 % customer retention

Our mission is to provide you with efficient, reliable and hassle-free craftsmanship to help you, including 24-hour emergency roofing.
At American Mastercraft, we look for exceeding our client’s expectations. This is why our crews work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to provide you with superior services when you need it.
Contact us for a free quote. Please call us at (850) 332-2760

What type of roofs systems we repair and maintain?

For major roofing repairs including storm damage, lifted sheets or tiles and general maintenance, be sure to contact us. We are specialized in providing residential solutions that are flexible and valuable.

General maintenance must be scheduled to keep roofs in good condition throughout the change in seasons. Reduce your management costs significantly with the assistance of experienced and fully certified roofers. We can spot areas of concern and deterioration before it becomes expensive and extensive to repair.

American MasterCraft offers several financing plans. Our options are flexible, and we are happy to find mVany homeowners that though they were never qualify, but we had them approved. Finance a small repair? Yes! We also finance roof repairs. Call us today and one of our experts is more than happy to give you details and start fixing or replacing roof with no money or very little money out of pocket.

Insured, Licensed and in Compliance

Roof Remodeling

The remodel or extension of a residential roof requires expertise and experience. Many things can go wrong if the addition is not structurally sound. The enhancement starts with a professional assessment and a look into the options for your home. We advise on materials to withstand persistent weather conditions and which of these will best complement your new roof.

Aesthetic Quality

Not only can American Mastercraft help repair roof damages, create extensions and protect your property, but we also provide aesthetic solutions sure to impress. Be the envy of the neighborhood with our incredible roofing curb appeal.

When your residential roof needs repairs, upgrades or complete remodeling, call on your trusted building contractors at American Mastercraft. Our roofing solutions are simply the best!

The specialist in roofing, siding and gutter substitution services is American Mastercraft. To our specialists, no task is too big or too small. We do everything from asphalt shingle roof repairs and replacements, to flat roof tear offs and layovers. Our roofing crews also handle specialist roofing such as reparations of slate stone and repairs and renovations of Spanish clay tiles. Our team has all the expertise and equipment required to ensure every job is completed properly, efficiently, quickly and with the highest standards of workmanship. Homeowners of both residential and commercial properties have been relying on us for years for consistently high-quality, reasonably priced services.

We finance!

100% roof replacement financing, with zero down and no payments for a year? Does that sound crazy? Yes, but true, and we have it.