A deck in Vancouver WA with steel deck frames and railings installed by American Mastercraft

If you’re looking to expand your deck or have a brand new one installed, longevity and fortitude should certainly be things you’re thinking about.

At American Mastercraft, our decking contractors have the expertise to construct gorgeous, long-lasting decks out of many materials – steel frame deck installation included. Read on to learn if a steel deck is the right choice for your home.

What is Steel Deck Framing?

Steel deck framing is constructed in a very similar way as wood deck framing. Decking contractors experienced in wood deck construction should also be able to work with metal deck frames – ours are experts in the craft. It’s actually a fairly similar process, but steel frames have some unique qualities that make setup a breeze:

  • Consistent installation process
  • Greater spans (makes for a shorter setup time)
  • Compatible with any kind of decking

Why Choose Steel Frame Decking?

Deck Frame Rot Prevention:

One of the most important reasons why steel deck frames may be the best fit for you is our weather here in the Pacific Northwest. We live in a climate that gets healthy amounts of precipitation for the majority of the year, but doesn’t get cold enough to freeze very often. This means that rainwater can sit in a wooden deck foundation undisturbed for long enough to cause rot and decay more quickly than in almost any other environment. 

Many people aren’t aware of this particular pitfall of decking in the Pacific Northwest until their wooden deck foundation becomes a serious hazard. By installing steel deck frames, you can ensure that the foundation of your deck stays healthy and holds its structure for decades into the future, eliminating the worry about your deck collapsing under the weight of family, friends, and furniture.

Decking Material Compatibility:

Committing to steel deck frames doesn’t lock you in to any kind of appearance for your deck. While we do offer steel railings as well, our deck builders can combine steel frames with any other kind of decking material we offer, whether that be classic wooden tiles or composite materials for a wood appearance with even more fortitude and weather resistance. The choice is yours – we’re here to make your dream deck come to life, and we have the knowledge to keep it safe and strong for years to come.

American Mastercraft – Your Local Steel Decking Contractors

Interested in steel deck construction for your home? Contact our contractors today – we’d be happy to discuss your project and get you started with a quote. We believe in the power of steel deck frames and encourage you to ask questions until you’re as confident in your decision as we are in our capabilities.

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Steel Frame Deck Installation in Vancouver WA

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