Roofing worker on the roof of a 2-story family house for roof installation, new asphalt shingles

Roof installation procedures vary from one company to another and may be vastly different, which is why it’s good to know how to prepare for roof installation. As one of the premier roofers in Vancouver, American Mastercraft has roofing protocols and procedures created for your benefit. 

Many of the items listed below are essential for a good roofing installation experience:

  • The re-roofing process is extremely loud. Homeowners can become agitated with all the noise and disruption of day-to-day lifestyle. It doesn’t sound like a war zone, but the sound can be distracting.
  • Please consider your infants or toddlers. You may find that you need to make some non-typical sleeping arrangements for them during the day of the installation. This is only needed if your kids have a midday sleeping schedule that must be kept. 
  • Don’t be surprised if the weather forecast includes rain. Rain in the forecast is acceptable as long as the roofing crew is prepared. But if the forecast includes snow, your contractor may need to reschedule. Be sure to ask questions about service in the rain or snow if you’re concerned.
  • The noise will impact any planned business activities normally conducted at home. Conference and phone calls will be impaired by all of the roofing noise that’s taking place above your head.
  • Remind your family to be extremely careful entering and exiting your home. Roofers would prefer it if you’re able to eliminate foot traffic. Your roofer’s contract will probably state that they are not liable for any accidents or injuries to anyone trafficking back and forth on your property. Please minimize this traffic, for it can result in an injury.
  • It’s much easier to carry on conversations with the roofers on the ground, as opposed to shouting to them while they are on your roof.
  • All vehicles are needed for this day’s activities from the garage. 
  • If you have a wood shake or wood shingle that is being removed, we recommend covering items with plastic sheeting in the attic and garage.
  • No one should walk outside barefooted.
  • If you have a swimming pool, the sweeper needs to be turned off and the pool should be covered. This is extremely important, even if roofers are a considerable distance away from the roof. Nails can still enter into the pool or hot tub.


Make sure you set time aside to prepare for your new roof. The day before is especially important to be fully prepared. The items below are necessary for roofers to do their job correctly:

  • If you have a lawn irrigation system, please turn off your water sprinkler before the shingles are removed by the service providers. It’s much easier and safer if all the roofer’s equipment stays dry.
  • Consider removing pictures, photos, and paintings from the interior walls. Single removal and loading may disrupt any items hanging on your walls. With all of the bumping and thumping overhead, we don’t want any thumping on the inside of the house due to the roofing process.
  • Make arrangements for any inside or outside pets to either stay inside on the day of the installation or give them a special day at the spa. With all the noise, pets can be traumatized during the roof installation process. They’ll love you for it!
  • Please prepare your children for the disruption from the roof installation. They should be informed of safety protocols and procedures that the roofing company has implemented. Advise your kids not to walk under ladders and avoid entering and exiting your home during the roof removal process. Additionally, while the roof is being installed if any equipment were to dismount the roof, anyone below the fall line could be in jeopardy.
  • Outside plants, patio furniture, and appurtenant structures should be relocated or covered.


Roof installation is made easier when everyone is on the same page. We’ve put together a protocol so there is a mutual understanding between all parties. Customer service is the top priority for us. American Mastercraft finds the following information needs to be understood by our clients:

  • The supervisor, project manager, owner, manager, or lead installer should notify you that they have arrived. This is the best time to ask any new questions that you might have and to voice any concerns. 
  • Please discuss the weather forecast and make sure that the installer has tarps and can protect the structure in the event of rainfall.
  • The outside heating, ventilation, and/or air conditioner condenser may need to be covered to protect it from falling debris. 
  • Any assistance that needs to be provided by the roofing crew by moving furniture or plants should occur at this time.
  • The overhead garage door may need to be protected. Roofing crews use various methods to ensure that the overhead garage door is not damaged while depositing roofing debris into a trailer or dumpster located next to the garage.
  • Plants and flowers may need to be covered with netting. Plastic sheeting may burn plants and should be used sparingly or on cloudy days. Drop clothes may be used. Plywood or Oriented Strand Board can be used in a flower bed by properly arranging saw horses throughout the flower bed and laying the panels across the saw horses.
  • Keeping the lawn picked up is important, but the roofers will more than likely emphasize getting your roof dried in as quickly as possible. This does not mean that the roofers should disregard the necessity of a safe working environment, it’s only that drying in the structure is paramount. 
  • Don’t be surprised if you see roofing debris in the yard. If it happens to be a windy day, then you can expect shingle packages to be blown around and scattered across the yard, and even the neighbors’ yards.
  • Hammers, roofing hatchets, and nail guns will be actively utilized on your roof installation.
  • The roofer should advise your neighbors that they may need to get in their yard to pick up debris if permission is granted. 
  • Gutters and downspouts are to be cleaned by the roofing contractor.
  • A magnetic sweeper is to be used to remove nails from the lawn. The best design of these tools is when they are mounted on wheels that can be rolled over the lawn. A 24″ magnetized steel bar is rolled back and forth on your lawn to remove nails that have been displaced.


Having a new roof installed will be a wonderful feeling. But there are a few more items we’ve listed you need to consider after the work ends:

  • The roof and gutters are to be cleaned of roofing debris.
  • Clean your yard.
  • No homeowner should expect every nail to be removed from the lawn, so you should expect to find a few roofing nails around the exterior of your property.
  • Please make sure that everyone wears shoes.
  • We recommend that you do a walk-around with your roofing contractor.
  • Pay your roofer.

Also, don’t forget to ask your roofer questions before you sign your contract! A clear understanding of expectations results in a better roofing experience for everyone.


Roof installation is a major housing investment that can boost your property value. Let us handle your home with the care it deserves. If you’re looking for the premier roofing company in Vancouver call American Mastercraft. We’ve helped homeowners repair, replace, and install roofing for 30 years.

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