Roof Repair form Storm Damage

a beautiful cape coral roof repaired after hurricane ianWhen a storm like Hurricane Ian sweeps through Florida, it leaves a wake of destruction, causing extensive damage to many homes, especially roofs. If your roof is damaged by a storm, you might feel uncertain about how to proceed. That’s where American Mastercraft comes in. We’re the team you can trust when you need roof repair services after storm damage.

As a Florida roofing company, we understand the unique challenges that Floridians face, and we take great pride in building roofs that are tough enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. Our commitment to honesty, reliability, and skilled craftsmanship ensures that you’ll get the best possible roof replacement, with minimal hassle and maximum peace of mind.

What’s the Best Type of Roof for Hurricanes?

When it comes to protecting your home from hurricanes and high winds, choosing the right type of roof is crucial. In many parts of the country, asphalt shingle is the most popular residential roofing material because it’s affordable and versatile. Here in Cape Coral FL, asphalt shingle is still very popular, but it can be vulnerable to stormy weather. Intense winds can literally lift the shingles right off your roof, leading to major repairs or total replacement.

For maximum weather resiliency, we recommend a roof made with one of these materials:

  • Metal: Rated to resist winds of up to 140 mph, metal roofs are an ideal choice for Florida’s hurricane-prone climate. They are also fire-resistant, energy-efficient, and have a long lifespan, which can save you money in the long run. 
  • Ceramic tile: Tile roofs are heavy and sturdy, which makes them resistant to wind uplift and water penetration. They also provide excellent insulation, which can help keep your home cool in the hot Cape Coral summers. 

Expedited Roofing Service with Our In-House Engineer

Storms blow in quickly. We aim to start your roofing project just as quickly. With our own in-house engineer, we’re able to bypass the lengthy inspection process. This way we can complete your roof replacement within just a week of your inquiry. 

At American Mastercraft, we offer more than just speedy service. We have the expertise to help you choose the best roof for your home and install it with impeccable craftsmanship. Rest easy knowing your home is protected.

How Do Changes to Florida’s 25% Rule Affect You?

Florida has its own set of roofing laws. For a long time, these laws had the homeowner’s safety in mind. However, changes were recently made to Florida’s longstanding 25% rule, which required homeowners to replace their roof if it at least 25% damaged by a hurricane. In the post-Hurricane Ian world, how does this affect you?

Under the old rule, insurance companies had to pay for the entire replacement cost, regardless of the age or condition of the roof. However, the new rule requires insurance companies to pay only for the damaged portion of the roof, up to 25% of the total area. This means that homeowners may have to pay out of pocket for the remaining portion of the roof. 

If your roof was damaged by Hurricane Ian, you may find this rule change concerning. You may be on the hook for a larger-than-expected repair bill. That’s why it’s even more important to work with a reliable roofing contractor who knows how to build Florida-strong roofs.

Make no mistake: the insurance industry successfully lobbied the Florida legislature to change this rule. The roofing industry does not agree with the decision as it introduces the likelihood of people habitating under structurally unsafe roofs. We strive to provide you with excellent roofing services that will protect your home and your budget.

American Mastercraft Is Here for Your Hurricane Ian Roof Replacement

As a roofing company that understands the unique challenges of Florida roofs, we want to assure homeowners that we are here to help. We’ll work with you to assess the damage to your roof, provide an accurate estimate of the replacement cost, and help you navigate the insurance claim process. 

With our expert precision and efficiency, American Mastercraft will get your roof replacement completed quickly and with minimal hassle, so you can focus on rebuilding and recovering after the hurricane. Call us today!

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