Man on roof installing torch down roofing in cape coral Choosing the right roof for your home or business is one of the most crucial choices you have to make. A good roof protects you from the elements and extends the life of the building. When picking out roofing for your home or business, it is important to know all your options. Torch down roofing is a popular choice for homes or businesses with flat or slightly sloped roofs in the Cape Coral, Florida area.

What is Torch Down Roofing?

Torch down roofing is a specialized material made from multiple layers of modified bitumen, a type of asphalt infused with polymers, such as SBS or APP, increasing its durability and weather resistance. It comes in large, smooth or granulated sheets that are rolled out over the roof. As the sheets are placed, the installation expert uses a propane torch that melts the material together, creating an extremely durable and waterproof barrier. After installation, a specialized coating is often applied, increasing the UV resistance and lifespan of the roof.

Benefits of Torch Down Roofing

Torch-down roofing offers multiple benefits that make it an appealing option for your Cape Coral roof:

  • Waterproof: The installation process creates a waterproof barrier, which is essential in an area known for heavy rain storms.
  • UV resistant: A special coating is applied to torch down roofs, making it UV resistant, prolonging the roof’s life and increasing energy efficiency. 
  • Flexibility: Due to being infused with polymers, torch down roofing is highly flexible, allowing it to expand and contract with temperature changes and building movement without tearing. 
  • Easy maintenance: Maintaining a torch down roof is simple. It is recommended to perform routine inspections to ensure there are no tears or built-up debris. If repairs are needed, you can easily apply patches to the damaged areas without compromising the roof’s integrity or lifespan.

Torch Down Roofing FAQs

How long does torch down roofing last?

A torch down roof is extremely durable and can last 20-30 years if properly installed and maintained.

Can I install torch down roofing myself?

Although installation of a torch down roof may seem simple, it is best left to the professionals. Installation of a torch down roof requires using a propane torch to melt the layers together to create a seal. Doing this yourself can be dangerous and lead to an improperly installed roof.

How do I maintain a torch down roofing?

Torch down roofing is simple to maintain. Inspect the roof regularly for any signs of tears or pooling water and remove any leaves or debris. If any spots need to be repaired, you can add small patches to the roof instead of replacing large sections.

American Mastercraft Roofing Services

When it comes to protecting your home or business, choosing the right roof, installed by a professional roofer is crucial. Your roof is your shield against the elements. Ensuring the safety and durability of your roof is our top priority at American Mastercraft.

Don’t wait until roofing issues escalate into costly problems. Whether you’re looking for roof repairs, a new installation, or regular maintenance, American Mastercraft has you covered. Contact American Mastercraft today to explore your roofing options. With our expertise, your Cape Coral home will stand strong against the elements!

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