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General Contractors and Roofers in Portland

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Roofers in Portland

Portland, OR, is a testament to the fusion of urban innovation and natural beauty, with its renowned parks, eco-friendly initiatives, and a thriving arts scene. The city's commitment to sustainability and cultural diversity sets it apart as a beacon of progress in the Pacific Northwest. American Mastercraft's roofing services in Portland are designed to complement this ethos, providing eco-conscious and aesthetically pleasing roofing options alongside comprehensive insurance claim assistance. Our work enhances Portland's homes and businesses, contributing to the city's vibrant and sustainable future. For over 30 years, we've provided roofing and general contracting services in Portland. We work with both residential and commercial clients. At American Mastercraft, we don't just get the job done - we make sure we get every detail right. From large-scale projects to minor roof repairs, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of excellence. Our team also knows how to work with insurance companies on insurance claims repairs. We can even deal with them directly if you'd like.

Transform Your Space with Expert Flooring Installation

Transform your backyard into an extraordinary retreat with American Mastercraft's custom deck installation. Our seasoned team specializes in creating decks that are as functional as they are beautiful. From serene poolside decks to expansive multi-level designs to steel decks, let us craft a space that reflects your personal taste and meets your outdoor living needs.

From Concept to Creation Your Deck, Your Way

Unlock the full potential of your backyard with American Mastercraft's custom deck installation service. With over 30 years of experience transforming outdoor spaces in the Pacific Northwest, we understand the importance of having your own personal oasis. Whether you envision classic wood aesthetics or a modern and durable steel deck, our expert team is dedicated to bringing your unique vision to life, ensuring your deck becomes your new favorite place to relax and entertain.

Newly installed deck on a residential home | American Mastercraft

General Contractors in Portland

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